BioNanoMedTech – Nano Inspired Medicine

The BioNanoMedTech competence network for biomolecular, regenerative methods and nanobiotechnology in medical engineering internationally promotes the industrial application of nanobiotechnology with the foci regenerative medicine and in-vitro diagnostics. BioNanoMedTech covers the entire value chain of regenerative medical engineering from basic research to clinical practice to the medical product.

Partners from science and economy are won for cooperation and R&D projects pointing the way to the future at international conferences and trade fairs as well as by direct approach. BioNanoMedTech offers scientifically demanding challenges and excellent starting conditions for international scientists, young scientists, and German researchers abroad.

The BioNanoMedTech is granted by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).


Biomolecular Regenerative Methods and Nanobiotechnology in Medical Technology
Biomoleculares, os métodos regenerativos e as nanobiotecnologias aplicadas em técnica de médicina