World Congress Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering

Published: 05.06.2012 10:15

May 26-31, 2012

World Congress Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering, Beijing , 2012

From May 26 to 30, 2012 the network BioNanoMedTech presented its competence at the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering in Beijing. Together with the 7 other project members of the campaign ‘Welcome to MedTech Germany’ BioNanoMedTech was part of the BMBF Booth Research in Germany- Land of ideas. Prof. Lothar Heinrich (marcotech), Prof. Werner Weitschies (University of Greifswald), Dr. Oleg Prymak (University Duisburg-Essen) and Dr. Holger Winter (CeNTech) presented the network activities and competences on-site in Beijing. Furthermore innovative products like biodegradable stents, vascular stents, nano particles as well as silicon arrays and membranes could be displayed to the conference participants.

On May 29, the network competence was introduced to the conference audience by Lothar Heinrich as part of the workshop “Scientific Visualization for 3-D Imaging” in Medicine. In addition the network had the possibility to visit the Medical Information Centers of the University of Beijing, the School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering of the Beihang University and Nanjing University of Science and Technology. Here Lothar Heinrich presented the network and discussed possible collaboration with the Chinese scientists.

For the network BioNanoMedTech the conference and the linked visit with the Chinese academia was very successful, in particular BioNanoMedtech was impressed by the quality and competitiveness of the Chinese science and is looking forward to future fertile cooperation.

Biomolecular Regenerative Methods and Nanobiotechnology in Medical Technology
Biomoleculares, os métodos regenerativos e as nanobiotecnologias aplicadas em técnica de médicina